Meet The Experts

dwayne manary
Advanced Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Dwayne is a manual osteopathic therapist who graduated in June 2015 from the National Manual Osteopathic College in Red Deer Alberta. Previous education achievements include a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in Dallas Texas and certificates as a Golf Fitness Instructor and a Kinesiotaping Practitioner. Dwayne’s international work experience has included Dallas, Texas and Melbourne, Australia, where he and his wife Debbie lived for ten years. The name Black Rock Therapies comes from the name of a seaside suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Currently, Dwayne spends his working time between Black Rock Therapies and the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada where he is a subject matter expert and teaches the Involuntary Mechanism module. Teaching students the art form of manual osteopathic techniques is an interest that has elevated to become a passion.

Building the gentle touch of Manual Osteopathic techniques onto the foundation of a chiropractic education has given Dwayne a unique ability to individualize your care. From golf swings to weightlifting to gardening, Dwayne will help you do more of what you love to do.

debbie manary
Advanced Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Debbie is a Manual Osteopathic Therapist, graduate from the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada (MOCC) and our Senior Registered Massage Therapist, graduate from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy (NIMT). She began her massage education in 2002 in Dallas, Texas and had the privilege to spend her internship in Irving, Texas. Additional training at the Australian Institute of Fitness resulted in the global recognition of a Certified Personal Trainer Level IV. The combination of Manual Osteopath, Massage Therapy and with the forward thinking of a personal trainer has given Debbie a unique perspective towards health, wellness and athletic performance.

Debbie’s additional training as a Manual Osteopathic Therapist has elevated her knowledge in understanding how the body functions as a whole. She welcomes new clients to experience what it means to live life without dysfunction. Helping you do more of what you love to do.

Jenn Mast
Clinic Manager

Jenn has over a decade of experience with team management and customer service. She is very excited to work with both the therapists and the front desk staff to create a comfortable and professional environment for our clients. She’s a loving wife and mom of 4 active children. She loves to travel and read in her spare time.

marie schreder
Director of Client Services

Marie has over 15 years experience in customer service, business ownership, sales and management. Her in-depth experience in customer service, along with her passion for health care is what makes her excited to be part of Black Rock Therapies premium clinic.

Marie was born and raised in Central Alberta. She has a loving family with 2 children. She has a passion for nutrition and health, photography, horses, travel and camping with her family.

joan svederus
Registered Massage Therapist

Joan is a Registered Massage Therapist with a 2200-hour designation and is a member of good standing with the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association. She believes in an integrated approach to helping clients reach their wellness goals, restoring balance through the inclusion of postural analysis and Lensen corrections. Her practice includes relaxation massage, myofascial trigger point therapy, myofascial cupping, joint mobilization, myofascial release, RAPID NeuroFascial reset-upper body, and manual lymphatic drainage. Clients can expect a relaxing and respectful environment where needs are carefully heard and assessments anchor the individualized treatment plan. Recommendations for client self-care are also provided. Her goal is for clients to move efficiently and enjoy life to its fullest.

stephen mcphee
Advanced Manual Osteopathic Therapist

If you’re a mover or are inspired to move more, then you know what its like to work hard yet struggle to physically move through life or fall short of your goals because of that nagging hindrance you feel in your body. By seeing you as a whole, Stephen can help identify areas related to your problem other than where it hurts, treat those relevant areas, and provide you with ways you can take control of your own body. When you’re not thinking about what holds you back, you’ll begin to know what pushes you forward; continually progressing through your goals, keeping up and surpassing your peers, and even inspiring others.


Diploma of Manual Osteopathy – National Manual Osteopathic College Bachelor of Kinesiology – University of Alberta Functional Movement Screen (FMS1) Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA 1, SFMA 2) Craniosacral Therapy (CS1, CS2) – Upledger Institute Visceral Manipulation (VM1, VM2, VM4) – Barral Institute Total Body Balancing (TBB1, TBB2, TBB3) – D’Ambrogio Institute Total Body Lymphatic Balancing (TBLB1) – D’Ambrogio Institute Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT1, NKT2) – Neurokinetic Therapy Kinesio Taping (KT1, KT2, KT3) – Kinesio Taping Canada
erin triffo
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Erin is a Registered Massage Therapist and Reflexologist graduate from Alberta Institute of Massage. She strives to understand her clients and to create a treatment plan to suit their unique needs. She is trained in Therapeutic Cupping, Reflexology, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic techniques, Pre/postnatal, Palliative, Bioflex Laser Therapy, TMJ Techniques, and, Soft Tissue Release. Erin was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. She is always looking to improve her personal growth through reading and podcasts.

brie walker
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Brie Walker has been a Personal Fitness Trainer for 20 years. After graduating from NAIT in 2001 with her Diploma, her passion for helping people with their health and wellness has been a lifelong journey of learning and growing. She has been a certified movement specialist and group fitness instructor for 15 years. Certified in many different modalities of fitness training with numerous tools to help clients in all aspects; from sports specific to rehabilitation from injury and recreational athletes who just want to stay active as they age.

Each client has been a great hands on learning experience for how different bodies move and are each uniquely designed. Wanting more knowledge with a wider scope of practice. She decided that massage therapy with a focus in the Lensen Technique would be a great fit for the ability to help people feel well and balanced over all. Working on structural limitations will make learning how to use your body more effective and allow pain to stay away indefinitely. Brie wants to teach people to have more body awareness and balance.

shawna mcnaught
Administrative Services Specialist

Shawna was born in Regina but spent most of her years in Calgary raising three incredible children while running the front end of a busy Sports Medicine Clinic. She moved to Red Deer in 2018 to join her amazing new husband and loves travelling, working out and hiking in nature. Shawna is excited to be part of the outstanding Black Rock team and is looking forward to welcoming you to our Clinic!

sydney rollheiser
sydney rollheiser
Registered Massage Therapist

Sydney is a graduate of Alberta Institute of Massage 2200 hour program. She specializes in deep tissue massage and helping the body relax. She is also trained in Therapeutic Cupping, Reiki, Kinetic Massage and Bioflex laser. She was drawn to massage for the natural ability to release muscle tension, reduce stress and increase mobility.

When not in the clinic, Sydney is rescuing animals and fostering puppies! She is a bit of a travel bug too! Sydney is very excited to be a part of the Black Rock Therapy team!

chere volk
chere volk
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Chere is a registered Massage Therapist with 12 years experience. Initially graduating her first year in 2008 she went on to retake her first year and second year with M.H. Vicars in Calgary, receiving a 2200hr Diploma in 2013 for Remedial Massage Therapy. Chere has a passion for continued education and has helped her clients with modalities such as Traditional Chinese Fire Cupping, Integrated Manual Therapy and Kinetic Massage, to name a few. Chere’s desire is to ensure she is able to target your soft tissue issues with everything in her toolbox.

When she isn’t massaging, Chere enjoys spending time with her family and friends, crafting, traveling, self-development and the occasional trip to the mountains. Her future plans are to take up a hiking trip, and to see the East Coast, and exploring new areas of massage education.

karin ritchie
Administrative Services Specialist

Karin has lived in Red Deer since she was 5 years old. She is amazed by the growth of Red Deer through the years and yet how it still feels like a small town. She is a mother to 3 grown children whom all still live in Red Deer and she loves spending her free time with family and friends and especially her grand daughter. Growing a large vegetable garden yearly is her passion and adding one different vegetable to see if it can grown in Central Alberta keeps this passion alive. Having an acreage home gives her the opportunity to enjoy nature and keep dirt under her nails.

blake stillings
Registered Massage Therapist

I was born and raised in Red Deer with family roots in Saskatchewan. My passions in life include music, family and outdoor adventures. Whether it is hiking, fishing, rock climbing, backpacking or canoeing, I truly love spending time in nature. I am a recognized Survival Instructor having completed a five-year program that included countless hours of field experience.

I always knew I wanted a career that would allow me to help people with a hands-on approach. Being hands-on and making a difference is where I have always wanted to be. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Massage therapy, that I felt as if I was on the right path/direction. Looking to the future, I plan to continue my education in the field of osteopathic therapy, as well as cranial sacral therapy.

I am an Honours graduate of the Alberta Institute of Massage where I have been practicing in their public clinic for the last two years. I am so excited and proud to be a member of Black Rock Therapies. I look forward to meeting you all and getting a chance to work together.

jacinta barrett
Manual Osteopathic Therapist

My name is Jacinta Barrett. I grew up in Rocky Mountain House and am from a large family. I was a Physiotherapist Aid before becoming a Manual Osteopathic therapist. I enjoy anything to do with the outdoors especially hiking and kayaking. What makes me most passionate about practicing as an Osteopathic therapist is the fact that I am able to walk along side my clients on their journey of regaining their overall health and wellness. I specialize in the musculoskeletal alignment of the body with special focus on the sacrum.

I am happy to be a part of the Black Rock Therapies team and I strive to assist each individual client achieve their goals.

belem hernandez
Advanced Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Belem is a graduate from the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada with over 10 years experience in the manual therapy field. In 2010 she received her Advanced Therapeutic Massage diploma from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy (NIMT) in Red Deer, and since then she has continued to expand her skills by learning different modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release, with further training in Pediatric treatment (Upledger Institute), Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute), Total Body Balancing (D’Ambrogio Institute), Body Talk (IBA) and TMJ Dysfunction (FNFT).

Belem is also a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher (E-RTY 200) and a Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Shiki Ryoho) which contributes to the holistic approach that she provides for her clients. Currently, she is taking her Somatic Experiencing training, a body-oriented trauma healing method developed by Dr. Peter Levine. Strongly believing in the body’s ability to heal and self-regulate, she is passionate about helping her clients find balance and improve their well-being by using a blend of different modalities.

Belem is from Mexico and has lived in Canada for over 15 years. She enjoys reading and spending time in nature with her husband and two boys.

rachel barsalou
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Rachel is an Advanced Massage Therapist and a 2020 graduate from the Alberta Institute of Massage Therapy.

She specializes in Neurokinetic Therapy, which addresses and disrupts dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the central nervous system. Rachel is also trained in Myofascial Cupping, Bioflex Laser, Advanced Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Acoustic Recovery Massage and is a certified Reiki Master.

What makes her especially passionate about massage therapy is seeing measurable differences in her clients healing, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing people finding new balance and happiness in their lives through therapeutic or deeply relaxing treatments.

When she is not in the clinic, she is enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, daughters and dog by hiking, kayaking, and camping. She also enjoys being active in her community through volunteer work.

raven nicolay
raven nicolay
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist
Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Raven grew up near Eckville, AB. While working in the oilfield running heavy equipment, she acted on her passion for massage therapy in January 2019. Raven graduated from MCG Career College (formerly known as Northern Institute of Massage Therapy) in June 2020 with Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Lensen certification. After finishing massage school she continued her training by receiving Reflexology & Cupping certifications. Raven has recently completed the Manual Osteopathic Program at the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada in early March 2022.

Manual Osteopathy includes: Ostoarticulations, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation. She will now be available as both a Registered Massage Therapist and Manual Osteopathic Therapist.

Raven enjoys performing therapeutic massages with the inclusion of Lensen. As for Manual Osteopathy, she enjoys fascial work and visceral (organ) manipulation.

angela lalonde
Registered Massage Therapist

Angela graduated from the Northern Institute of Massage therapy in 2015. She loves her job as a massage therapist and being able to help her clients feel their best. Whether that be providing relief from physical pain with therepeutic work, or just a relaxing massage to help with the daily stresses of life.

When Angela is not in the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her two children, and her dogs. Getting outdoors as a family is one of her favorite things to do in her spare time. Nature walks, fishing, and exploring new places are at the top of the list.

Following a break after the birth of her second child, Angela is very excited to be part of the Black Rock Therapies team once again, and is looking forward to expanding her skills and knowledge to help treat her clients as best she can.

Tanyse Hunt
Administrative Services Specialist

Tanyse was born and raised in the small town of Sanford, Manitoba – located just outside of Winnipeg. She moved to Alberta in 2005 and has never looked back! When not working, she can be found spending time with her daughter, relaxing or hiking in the mountains or in the kitchen baking. She is so excited to be a part of the Black Rock Therapies family and can’t wait to see you all!

Natalie Volmer
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

I am a Registered Massage Therapist and have also been incredibly fortunate to continue my training in various other modalities: Integrated Body Psychotherapy, Ortho-Bionomy(student of), Craniosacral Therapy, Neural Manipulation, Visceral Work, Lymph Drainage, Somatic Practice (Kathy L, Kain), Somatic Experiencing (Trauma work developed by Peter Levine). My massage practice incorporates all of my learning and training, creating a wonderfully relaxing healing experience. Every individual who enters my room has different outcomes from their treatment. I work with my clients to develop a specific treatment plan and assist them in moving towards health and balance.

Personally, I love to spend time with my family and grandchildren as well as enjoy traveling to experience other cultures, landscapes and food. We have a place up north where I spend much time in the outdoors. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Diane Brough
Registered Massage Therapist

Diane is a registered massage therapist and an honours graduate of MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy’s 2200 hour program. Diane specializes in therapeutic, Swedish and relaxation massage and has advanced training in pregnancy massage, manual lymphatic drainage, hot stone massage and Rapid neurofascial reset.

Her interest in remedial massage therapy grew from the concept of treating the whole body, working from the inside - out, all parts being intricately connected.

Starting out as a nutritional therapist and iridologist, Diane learned the importance of creating balance and homeostasis within the body in order to maintain health. So much of what happens inside the body’s systems, reflects outwardly in the physical body. An imbalance within the body will often manifest as chronic pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints.

Diane has a particular interest in therapeutic massage and likes to use her skills to treat painful chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, migraines and sciatica. Through her practice she likes to draw on the knowledge that she has gained from her various modalities and blend these therapies to provide her clients the most effective treatment.

Diane is currently studying Aromatherapy and is looking forward to adding this highly beneficial therapy to her treatment offering.

Cassidy LeMasurier
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Originally from Red Deer, Cassidy is a Registered Massage Therapist with a 2200-hour program through Grant Macewan University. With 5 years of experience her practice includes therapeutic, relaxation, deep-tissue and pre-natal massage. Cassidy is also trained in Therapeutic Cupping, Hot Stone, RAPID NeuroFascial reset-upper body.

From her years of playing competitive sports, Cassidy developed an interest in understanding and treating chronic and acute pain. She has a passion for educating people regarding their pain/symptoms and how their body as a whole is connected. Outside of the clinic, Cassidy enjoys gardening, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.

Jessica Murray
Administrative Services Specialist

Jess was born and raised on a buffalo farm in Rimbey, Alberta. She now resides in small town Penhold with her husband to raise her family of two boys. Jess spends most of her time at the cold rink cheering on her boys from the stands, and participating as the music mom pumping up all the kids during the game! After hockey season is over, she enjoys and supports her boys in the next sport of their choice, as well as hobbies such as dancing, playing guitar, and of course karaoke!

Sharrie Stahl
Administrative Services Specialist

Sharrie is new to Alberta from the Okanagan, BC, she is excited to continue her 10 year MOA/office experience at Black Rock Therapies.

Sharrie has been happily married for 38 years and has 3 grown children and 2 young Grandchildren. Sharrie enjoys walking her Grandpuppy and playing pickleball.

Courtney Charlton
Administrative Services Specialist

Courtney grew up in a small town Innisfail, AB. Her kind-hearted, approachable nature connects her to everyone she meets. She values making every client feel welcome at Black Rock Therapies and making an impact on their day.

Ashley Godkin
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Ashley grew up west of Innisfail on her family's cattle ranch. She enjoys being outside in nature hiking, and horseback riding.

Ashley became a registered massage therapist after she experienced the benefits of regular massage to her mental and physical health. She graduated from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy focusing on triggerpoint therapy and Lensen therapy. Her massage training became a stepping stone that led her to becoming a Reiki Master (Reiki Ryoho) and later a CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release therapist with the Upledger Institute.

Ashley tailors each treatment to the needs of the client creating a unique experience that promotes healing and personal growth.

Klee Moyer
Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Klee grew up on the East Coast between New York and Nova Scotia. She graduated in 2003 from CCMH with a diploma in Massage Therapy & Hydrotherapy while living in Bedford NS. She has owned her own business, Kneaded Bodywork Wellness, since 2004 consisiting mostly of herself, but through the years there have been other therapists, estheticians, and even stylists. She has worked with Aveda most of the 20 years that she has been a therapist.

She has also had the honor of working in a well respected physio clinic in NS for 2+ years, affording her a well-rounded sports therapy/ rehab therapy background. She loves all forms of massage therapy, and working with Osteopaths has been a dream of hers. Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Cranisacral, Myofascial Release, Intuitive Therapy, and Reflexology are all parts of her treatments.

Klee moved to Red Deer in March of 2022 and absolutely loves the people and the green spaces here! She loves hiking, running, fat biking and everything else outdoors. Hot yoga has also become one of her favourite self-care practices.

She is so excited to be joining up with the amazing team at Black Rock Therapies!

Cailynn Hatala
Administrative Services Specialist

Cailynn grew up on a small farm town, Rimbey. She has a passion for the outdoors. She spends her spare time sitting around a campfire, camping, quadding, gardening and spending time with her family, and her two fur babies, Aurie and Charly.

She is currently attending school as an Administrative Professional. Her caring and warm nature make her a great addition to our Black Rock Therapies administration team.